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Data Science Engineer

Development Permanent contract Poland Remotely


· programming in the following language stack: Python, SQL, bash

· analytics / statistical modeling skills: data cleaning, anomaly detection, data imputation, data sampling, exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, predictive modeling, multivariate regression, multivariate classification, model optimization & selection, model evaluation

· data visualization within the Python ecosystem

·  hands-on experience in using virtual environments/containers (e.g. Docker, Vagrant, VMware, VirtualBox) for daily work

· ability to deliver working, highly performing, and tested analytics software, into production environments

· (could-have) additional analytics / statistical modeling / machine learning skills: time series analysis, time series mining, mining discrete sequence data, mining text data, mining unstructured data,

· (could-have): ability to work with the large scale data processing tools – e.g., Hadoop environment, Apache Spark (PySpark), elastic cloud compute, prior exposure to AWS/Azure/Databricks

· (nice-to-have) fault detection, diagnostics & prediction, machinery diagnostics, predictive maintenance, optimization, and general data science on heterogeneous multivariate industrial-scale time series and sequence data


Soft skills:

· ability to interact and work well and within distributed Agile analytics-driven application development teams (including colleagues with a variety of technical and non-technical skill sets, spread around multiple geographical locations)

· critical thinking & problem-solving

· self-motivation

· ability to work and own pieces of the project with minimal supervision

· ability to gracefully handle close, daily cooperation with other developers and business stakeholders

· ability to present information and propose solutions in a way that is understandable to a non-technical person

· ability to understand personal and team roles, contribute to a positive working environment by building solid relationships with team members, proactively seeking guidance, clarification and feedback

·  ability to lead small sub-teams to deliver large pieces of work with minimal supervision

Company Description

At Devoteam, we deliver innovative technology consulting for business.
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Additional Information

– B2B cooperation

– 100% remote



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You share your clients’ challenges; you facilitate innovation and change behaviour to make organisations more agile.


Reinvent, collaborate and digitalise are your buzzwords. In short, are you comfortable with leading the digital revolution to change the world?


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Bastiaan CeuppensPrincipal Consultant & Practice Manager